Authentic Happiness


It has been said that happiness should come from within. And this is true 99% of the time. But what happens if the within does not know how to be happy? Where should being happy come from then?

There is a relationship that exists between the unhappy and psychotherapy. In Toronto, there are psychotherapists for individual, couples, marriage and any other type of relationship, and group therapy and counseling. If you are feeling depressed or angry, have suffered trauma, or are unhappy with your life’s path, a Toronto psychotherapist can help you reshape your future.

Should you want to ask how: Psychotherapy is no longer an intellectual movement today as it once was. But in the form of modern professional “caring,” it has assumed a new role, which is to provide a peculiar sort of substitute friendship — what we might call “artificial friendship” — for lonely people in a lonely age. This therapy is called Positive Psychotherapy.

There was a study in the University of Warwick where results show the effectiveness of positive psychotherapy.

Researchers analyzed data on thousands of people who provided information about their mental well-being and found that the increase in happiness from a $1,329 course of therapy was so significant that it would take a pay raise of more than $41,542 to achieve an equal boost in well-being.

As far as psychotherapy goes, there is a lot to be said for the existential variety: it neither pathologises nor trivialises people’s experience. And at its best, psychotherapists treat seriously and sympathetically the often difficult predicaments people or patients seek therapeutic help for.


Life’s comfort and happiness are not as easy as they were before. Learning to manage your emotional responses to the circumstances with an artificial friend who is there to listen and guide you ever step of the way makes you feel secured and cared for. It is the closes you can get to a real friend, the closest you can get to absolute caring and real happiness that there is someone there for you.


Happiness is only as authentic as a spontaneous laughter.

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